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The right interpreter
for the right place

Via has more than 90 experts working around Finland – sign language interpreters, speech-to-text interpreters, teachers and trainers.

We provide interpreting using Finnish and Finland-Swedish Sign Language, international sign and speech-to-text interpreting in a multitude of settings – including remote interpreting! Many of our interpreters provide sign language interpretation not only from/into spoken Finnish and Swedish, but also from/into spoken English. 

We want to promote linguistic accessibility actively in Finland as well as internationally.

More than 20 years of co-operation and development!


We offer

  • sign language interpreting
  • interpreting using signed spoken languages
  • interpreting for the deafblind
  • speech-to-text interpreting
  • interpreting at seminars
  • remote interpreting.

Our offices have the equipment, connections and appropriate facilities for remote interpreting, so professional confidentiality is never compromised.
Our interpreters are proficient users of a variety of remote interpreting software applications.

We have special expertise for example in educational interpreting ranging from pre-school to doctoral studies, as well as conference interpreting and interpreting in the media.

We provide interpreting services for the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE’s televised programmes, for press conferences by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office as well as for performances by the Finnish National Opera, for example.

Teaching and training

We provide groups, families and individuals with high quality inspirational teaching of Finnish Sign Language and various communication methods using signs. We also provide teaching in Finnish for those with sign language as their first language.

We want to promote linguistic accessibility by using visual means.

Teaching and training can easily be organised remotely too.

We also provide expert lectures in national languages as well as in English and international sign on topics such as

  • encountering a deaf customer
  • interpreting and working with interpreters
  • interpreting art in sign language
  • remote interpreting in various set-ups
  • accessible communication.




Presenting Via

Via is a company owned by interpreters. We established Via in 1999 to be a fair workplace that provides our team with a friendly community and secure income.

Equality is an important value for us in everything we do. We aim to find the right interpreters for every situation, no matter whether on site, remote interpreting or something special like interpreting for immigrants. We have a strong focus on the training and well-being of our employees and the high quality of our work.

Most of our interpreters work full-time with a monthly salary, but it is also possible to work for Via on an hourly basis. Every member of the co-operative can influence our operations. We offer opportunities for remote work, part-time work and various flexible working solutions.

There are 33 owner-members in the co-operative. We have been actively developing our sector for over 20 years, which has consolidated our position as experts in sign language interpreting.

In case you would like to

please contact our CEO Raija Roslöf

tel. +358 40 706 3803

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